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Happy Hearts Philosophy

At Happy Hearts Academy our core value is striving in making an environment that is a home away from home.

Our Spaces Our Curriculum
  • We aim to develop an atmosphere through nourishing the sense of belonging of children, families and staff. We value that families are their child’s first teacher and respect their right to make a decision based on their child’s education, wellbeing and identity. We encourage families to participate in our curriculum to develop an inclusive practice base environment.
  • We value our ever growing diverse and inclusive environment - culture, race or abilities ensuring all children to reach their full potential.
  • We believe in respecting children’s voices by implementing meaningful child base programs established from the child’s own idea, interest and thoughts. We aim to ensure children feel that they are competent decision makers to support children’s sense of agency.
  • Through the art of play we promote an environment that is loving, welcoming, happy, exciting, creative, enjoyable and innovative.
  • Educators plan purposeful intentional teaching moments to encourage active learners in their community and society.
  • Before our little friends leave us, we aim to strength and develop their cognitive, social, emotional and language development to reach their full potential as long life leaners.
  • We value every educator’s diverse and cultural strengths to mentor and support each other in collaborative partnership.
  • We value each other’s difference of opinion in a constructive supportive professional environment.
  • We aim to research the community and aspiration in order to develop a program to develop a child sense of identity, belonging and wellbeing.
  • We value celebrating diversity in all people and that every person’s culture, beliefs, abilities and language should be celebrated and reflected in our environment.