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At Happy Hearts we are determined to ensure that children are growing confidence to become successful members within their community and society.

When children develop confidence, they have the power to be able to stand up and express their thoughts, ideas and needs.

At Happy Hearts Academy we believe that positive relationships build confidence. This is why educators greet the children warmly and with much love and continue to build on their relationships every day to allow the children to feel loved which we believe is empowering. The educators at Happy Hearts guide the children to become confident and creative individuals through using different strategies within our daily curriculum.

We give the children opportunity to strengthen their confidence for example “News day” which is a weekly opportunity for them to stand up Infront of their peers and share information about their special belongings/experiences. Children are always encouraged to speak clearly and loudly to express their idea’s, thoughts and needs. At Happy Hearts we understand that children are shaped by many different events and experiences which guide them to develop confidence within their self-identity. To expose children to different events we partake in excursions and incursions to give the children confidence with different members of their society.