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A Holistic Approach to Your Child's Learning and Experience

Through a blended approach of play base and structured learning we ensure that students are actively participating in a holistic educational program and curriculum. We enrich children’s learning by integrating all areas of development: emotional, social, language, cognitive, physical, creative and spiritual.

Our approach is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, child centred method and intentional teaching. We respect children’s views by incorporating their voices and interest into everything that we do. When allowing children to be independent within their play and learning they develop a positive disposition towards learning, as well as problem solving skills, turn taking, social skills, resilience, curiosity, determination and flexibility.

Our teachers are responsive to children’s learning by intentionally building on children’s skills, strengths and knowledge. Our teachers respond to children’s learning by extending them through open-ended questions and challenging their thinking. While we value intentional teaching moments (see more on our curriculum), we also make use of spontaneous moments to scaffold children’s learning.