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Happy Hearts Academy believes that connection between family, community and the early childhood setting makes a supportive environment to enrich children to become capable, involved and independent learners.

Continuity of teaching in learning experiences makes education more meaningful and allows children to develop a sense of belonging within their learning environment.

The teachers at Happy Hearts Academy scaffold children’s learning to guide children through a learning journey. They aim to develop learning dispositions such as cooperation, concentration, commitment, persistence and confidence. Children foster these skills when educators

  • Value children’s involvement in their learning.
  • Encourage children to engage in learning process.
  • Provide opportunities for children to extend on their ideas.
  • Reflect on what and how the children have learned.
  • Ask question through structural learning to get children to think on a deeper level.

How We Do This:

Our educators create child plans for each of the children in our care. These plans set out relevant goals for the children (with the assistance of family input), an adaptation of our centre curriculum to suit your child’s specific development, regular observations and updates regarding your child’s development and interests. Based on these plans educators continue to tailor your child’s experiences at Happy Hearts Academy to enhance their learning and development in the most personal and age appropriate manner.