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Happy Hearts Academy Curriculum

Why We Have a Formal Curriculum:

Planning a curriculum for children is important because it:

  • Helps to promote children’s learning and development
  • Is a means of documenting what we do in our service.
  • Encourages our educators to think about what they offer to children and why
  • It is a way of sharing children’s experiences with families and highlights the role of educators.
  • It offers opportunities for our educators to reflect on and develop their own practice.
  • It is also a legal requirement (under the NQF)

How We Believe that Children Learn In the Early Years:


Actively Engage in their Environment


Actively Involved in learning Experiences


Through Repetition


With Adult and Peer Support

The Happy Hearts Curriculum is based on these learning principles and ensures that the children are engrossed in a rich environment, actively participating in their own learning journey, have the opportunity to repeat learning themes and areas and are always supported in their growth and development.

Each of our age groups (0-2 years, 2-3 years, and 3-6 years) have a specifically developed week by week, and month by month learning plan, within our curriculum. These plans are developed to cover all developmental areas, and is guided by age appropriate milestones, that our educators are constantly supporting and encouraging the children to work towards, and achieve. This component of our program is known as out intentional teaching and is present in every day your child is at Happy Hearts Academy. The goals and areas within this curriculum are tailored to your child's specific development, while the entire group is being supported through each stage of development.

Our curriculum has been developed by Our Early Childhood teachers as well as our Primary school qualified teacher ensuring the best start for your child.