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The Happy Hearts Academy Mission:

"At Happy Hearts our Core Value is Striving to make an Environment that is a Home away from Home"

About Us

Happy Hearts is an established centre that has been part of the Helensburgh community for several years. We are a 46 place centre that has three different age group rooms (0-2, 2-3, 3-6) Our opening hours are from 7:00am- 6:00pm and we are open all year round expect for public holidays. We have a free flow routine that allows children to flow from inside and outside. Our program is based on the children’s interest, development and strengths while the educators intentionally teach and scaffold the children’s learning. Happy Hearts Academy is a space where children, families and staff are supported to be the best they can be.

We extremely respect children by listening and valuing their voices and then developing a meaningful purposeful program established from the children’s own ideas, interest and thoughts. We respect the diversity of all families and the importance they hold for children. The diversity and culture of our families guide our decision making to ensure that families and children’s cultures, identities, abilities and strengths are valued within our service.

As a professional and reflective team, within a dynamic and evolving educational setting, we have worked hard in creating a safe space for children, families and staff to be supported. From a formal induction, our “ready to start” process, to daily communication with families and setting long term goals for your child, we are confident in the services we offer and know you will have peace of mind and confidence when your child/ren are at Happy Hearts Academy.

Our management team, comprising of understanding and caring mothers, are constantly reviewing our professional practices, routines, educational programs, communication pathways as well and ensuring our policies and procedures are up to date according to the national guides, again ensuring your peace of mind that we are always offering you and your child/ren quality care.