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Joeys- 6weeks – 2 Years 

In our Joeys room we aim to provide the love and care your babies receive at home.  To make this happen we ensure the transition to our room is a collaborative transition starting you’re your child’s specific sleep routine, meal routine, and best settling strategies to enable us to build and strengthen our responsive reciprocal relationship with your baby.  Our educators will always work to your home routines but also have the confidence and awareness to manage each day by making decisions to support your child, and what their needs are.

Within our Joeys room our children learn to communicate, independence, self-help skills, and begin preparations to transition to our toddler space, when the time is right.

Lyrebird Toddlers 2yrs-3yrs

In our Toddler room we aim to support our toddlers in trying new things, exploration, risk play and developing those all essential social skills. Through daily intentional teaching experiences the children are exposed to new learning themes, the development of new skills and the ability to focus and engage in a group of peers and with their loved educator. Through a flexible routine of indoor and outdoor experiences, the children learn the skill of decision making, the freedom to engage in their interest areas and to feel as comfortable as they do at home.

Lyrebird Preschool 3yrs -5yrs

The Lyrebird preschool Room is where your child/ren continue to develop their autonomy, interests and friendships. Through daily intentional teaching experiences our curriculum takes your child’s learning to the next level and allows your child to find greater depth in their learning themes. Learn more about our school readiness program in our Happy Hearts Academy Education Section.

Both Lyrebird rooms enjoy a shared space and are free to explore the resources across the entire space.