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School readiness is a measure of many different skills, the educators at happy hearts asses children’s social and emotional development along with their knowledge, skills and behaviours.

While we like to ensure that children are cognitively ready, we also know how important characteristics such as friendships, communication and self-esteem are when considering preparedness for school. We guide children to develop these skills through group play experiences such news day, yarning circles, and experiences where children need to follow instructions such as cooking.

We have an intense school readiness program that is focused on the academic side of school readiness. The children are within a “Transition to School Group” for an hour a day focussing on literacy, mathematics, science, and writing. The focus of these experiences is to progress core parts of your child’s development that are needed for school such as fine motor skills, concentration, inquiry, confidence and the awareness of the fundamental learning areas including letters, numbers, shapes, colours and name writing.