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Our Philosophy Here at the Academy

We believe in acknowledging the traditional owners of the land (The Dharawal People) and pay respect to those past and present, their language and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our local community.


Our statement of philosophy guides all practices and operations of the service and has been written in consultation with all stakeholders. We believe it guides continual improvement, not only of individuals but of the entire service.


“It takes a village to raise a child”

We believe every educator, child and family is individual and should have a voice within our society. We acknowledge children as capable and resourceful members of our community. Children have the right to belong, be and become. As educators we believe in making connections with the children, encouraging children and facilitating their interests and development as well as meeting both their physical and emotional needs on a daily basis. We believe children are our future, and when guided & supported by educators and families, will be able to make valuable contributions to the community and the world. At the foundation of our practise is a genuine love of working with children, to nurture and provide a loving environment for the children in our care.


We celebrate diversity in all people and that every person’s culture, beliefs, abilities, and languages should be celebrated and reflected in our environment. We openly invite families to share their culture, beliefs and abilities within our service.


Education is built in partnership with families and we believe effective transitions between home and the centre

support children’s sense of belonging. Together with positive role modelling children can reach their full potential.

Teachers are learners too, we recognise the ongoing professional development of our educators through supporting each other to further develop our knowledge & skills.


We believe education should share in children’s self-discovery, development and change. An educational environment should nourish both educator and children’s self-worth, creativity and imagination. Self-help skills and a healthy self-esteem is something that we promote with the children. Providing a curriculum that is rich in educating children about healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, physical activity & hygiene is important to our daily practises. 


We believe children learn best through play and it is an essential part of children’s lives. We believe that play allows children a time to “just be” and recognises the importance of childhood. Play should be meaningful, authentic, unhurried, fun, hands-on, spontaneous, relaxing, challenging and comforting. Experiences should offer children a chance to explore, experiment, investigate, problem solve, express ideas and practice theories. We believe in honouring and respecting children’s play, work and ideas by meaningful programs based on critical reflection and documentation.


Respect for the environment and a keen knowledge of sustainable practises are elements that are paramount to our future. We believe that the education of sustainable practises in young children will create imbedded sustainable practises in the person and a positive future for the global environment.


We believe children grow and develop in environments that are stimulating, where children are able to make choices about what affects them. We believe in outdoor play where children experience nature and learn the skills necessary to develop our sustainable future.


We believe families are the foremost people in their children’s lives and the most significant influence on children’s learning. Partnerships built on trust and respect, are essential for children’s sense of wellbeing. Collaborating and developing meaningful partnerships, nurture children’s potential and all they can become.


We believe in nurturing bonds with the community to assist in development of children’s sense of identity. Building a relationship with the community provides children with a deeper understanding of their world and assists them in developing ideas about reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary to achieve active community participation.


Created by educator’s children & families 2017.

Our Program

Each of our learning rooms provide individual weekly programs that show what the focus for the room is and why. At Happy Hearts we are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standards and Regulations. We use Storypark to communicate to our families about each child’s day.Daily our educators send out a “snapshot of the day” from each of the learning rooms. This snapshot allows you to see what experiences your child is participating in and you can make comments and interact with our educators. Each child is allocated a focus teacher, this educator will observe your child’s development closely and provide detailed observations on their strengths, interests, achievements and areas to focus on. You will be updated via Storypark on your child’s progress, along with an annual summary detailing your child’s journey over the year.

Our educators work alongside you and your child to develop goals or areas of focus, this ensures that we are providing a rich program that is structured to your child’s individual needs. It is our aim to provide an extensive educational program to all the children in our care with a focus on fun and developing in a loving and caring environment.


If you have any questions or inquiries, or would like to express your interest in enrolling your child at Happy Hearts Academy, we invite you to fill out this inquiry form. Alternatively you may contact the centre via phone or email through a completed wait list application. 

Phone: 4294 9141

Email: happyheartsacademyelc@gmail.com