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About Our Nursery

Where Your Little One Begin's their Journey

The Nursery room is for our children aged 0-2 years and is made up of various learning spaces that the children can explore and resources that inspire their inquisitive nature. The Nursery room has a variety of soft and cosy spaces to explore catering to any baby’s developing skills.Three individual cot rooms allow for the babies to sleep whenever their individual need arises. A spacious bathroom lets our young toilet trainers practice and develop toilet training skills as they grow. The Nursery room houses its own kitchen that allows for meal preparation, safe storage of food and bottle preparation space.

The Nursery yard opens up off the room and is a space separated from the 2-5 year old yard which gives our little ones the confidence to practice their developing gross motor skills and fundamental moves.

We are lucky to be surrounded by tress and nature and often enjoy time immersed in water and sand play. We pride ourselves in a having a focus on sustainable practises in all of our learning spaces.


If you have any questions or inquiries, or would like to express your interest in enrolling your child at Happy Hearts Academy, we invite you to fill out this inquiry form. Alternatively you may contact the centre via phone or email through a completed wait list application. 

Phone: 4294 9141

Email: happyheartsacademyelc@gmail.com